David Fincher Is Reportedly ‘Interested’ In Reuniting With Brad Pitt For ‘World War Z 2’

Paramount just pulled their World War Z sequel from their schedule, due to the fact that the release date was this June and they don’t have a director anymore. We made the case Paramount — who’ve been trying to get back into TV production since 2013 — should adapt the original 2006 Max Brooks novel into a TV show. Considering the Brad Pitt movie didn’t adapt the book, who would notice it’s a repeat anyway?

But it turns out Paramount is probably still angling for a movie, because a source conveniently tells the Hollywood Reporter that David Fincher — who’s already directed Brad Pitt in Se7en, Fight Club, and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button — is interested in directing World War Z 2.

David Fincher, who has been rumored to be considering the project, is still “very creatively interested in directing the movie,” says a source. […]

“He really would like to do it,” says a source of Fincher’s interest. “It’s up to Paramount.”

Last time we heard about Fincher and Pitt talking about working together again for the sequel, it didn’t sound like Fincher was interested. But hiring Dennis Kelly — who Fincher worked with on a US adaptation of Utopia which fell through (dystopia?) — to do rewrites reportedly piqued his interest.

For what it’s worth, World War Z grossed almost $540 million worldwide, becoming Brad Pitt’s highest-grossing movie, so it makes financial sense for both Paramount and Pitt to try to get a sequel going. You could even say “World War Z is a fine place and worth fighting for.” I’m sorry.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)