DC Comics Gives A Final Verdict On The Title For The ‘Justice League’ Film

06.05.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Hey look, the folks at DC Comics are showing a little self-awareness. Good for them. It was very important that they realized it was time to get introspective after the disaster that was Batman v Superman and with their latest announcement, they’ve proven that they at least in part understand how important turning to look inward can be.

DC Films’ Geoff Johns confirmed late last week that there would be no silly extra subtitles on Justice League, the studio’s follow-up to Batman v Superman. Rumors began to abound last week that DC was set to further anger/confuse/alienate fans by tacking on something extra to Justice League like Justice League: We Swear This One Is Better or Justice League: Do You Realize How Much It Would Cost To Fire Zack Snyder? Instead, the movie is just going to be called what it should be called.

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