DC Thinks You Want A Lot Of Aquaman: Jason Momoa Is Signed For Four Movies

As we’ve noted elsewhere, DC really wants to make Aquaman happen. But we didn’t realize how much until just now; Jason Momoa has revealed he’s under a four-film contract playing the King of Atlantis.

Momoa revealed the news discussing his role at a Brazilian comics convention, as found by Bleeding Cool. It’s interesting not least because it reveals DC isn’t planning as far ahead as Marvel.

In theory, at least, we know all four films Momoa is in. Aquaman having a cameo in Batman Vs. Superman is a poorly kept secret, Aquaman is getting his own movie, and Justice League is split across two films.

For contrast, Samuel L. Jackson was signed for nine movies when he was cast as Nick Fury, Chris Evans was signed for six movies, and so on. It makes us wonder if DC is just telling a specific, cohesive story with all these movies, or if 2020 is just far enough away on the horizon that they don’t want to commit too deeply. Either way, we just hope he’s contractually obligated to sing The Rousing Song of Heroism for each movie he’s in: