‘Dead Rising’ Has Quite A Cast

We’ve already told you that Capcom’s goofy open-world zombie-splatterer Dead Rising has the perfect director. And somehow, they’ve managed to lure quite a cast to star in the digital feature as well.

Well, OK, people you’ve heard of. According to Deadline, he two leads are Jesse Metcalfe of Desperate Housewives fame and Red Riding Hood from Once Upon A Time, Meghan Ory, who is probably just glad she doesn’t have to dress like a Hot Topic model for once. Backing them up, however, is Dennis Haysbert and Virginia Madsen, two respected actors who apparently either wanted to have some fun or found that the paycheck was good enough to sign on even though “campy” is fairly clearly the tone this movie is going for.

We’ll admit, this cast and the director now have us pretty interested. The entire appeal of Dead Rising was the comedy value of killing zombies with improvised weapons while running around in a thong, and frankly, we don’t need yet another go-round of a bunch of annoying people being besieged by the undead. We do need Metcalfe and Haysbert in beating zombies to death with axe/sledgehammer combos while wearing ridiculous outfits. In fact, put Haysbert in the Borat thong and we’ll watch this movie just on general principle.