The ‘Deadpool 2’ Director Quits Over Reported ‘Creative Differences’ With Ryan Reynolds

Reports are swirling that that Tim Miller, director of this year’s smash hit Deadpool, has left Deadpool 2 over “mutual creative differences” with star Ryan Reynolds. According to Deadline, Miller hadn’t actually put ink to paper and signed a deal to return for the sequel after the first movie made millions of dollars, but he was definitely expected to. The second movie has a slated premiere in 2018, and as of now it doesn’t look as if this change will have any effect on that arrival date.

So what does this mean for the movie itself? Well, seeing as this is being positioned as a mutual split it’s no surprise that Reynolds is the one to stay on the project. He is obviously the more important of the two men when it comes to this movie. However, without more details we can’t truly know whether their disagreement about the project came down to character details, story ideas, or something more nefarious.

The sequel will probably be just fine though. Reynolds was the push behind most of the marketing and truly embodies the character, any good director that is brought on can learn to embrace the weirdness that mades Deadpool as successful as it was. Tim Miller will be fine as well though, seeing as he’s already basically signed on to Fox’s Influx, another potential franchise that could use his trained eye.

(via Deadline)