‘Deadpool 2’ Reportedly Lost Its Director Because He Wanted A Different Sort Of Deadpool

Whenever a creator parts ways with a movie, the studio claims it’s over “creative differences.” It’s such a bland, generic excuse that when director Tim Miller left Deadpool 2, many people wondered what was really going on. But if studio rumors are accurate, for once the differences really were over creative vision, as Miller and the rest of the movie’s team had markedly different ideas of where Deadpool should go.

The Wrap has collected all the rumors and it seems the big split was between Miller’s vision of a bigger, splashier, costlier Merc with a Mouth and Reynolds and the writing team’s desire to stick with a lower budget and ample sarcasm. Miller’s ideas would apparently have required triple the original movie’s reported $60 million budget, putting it more in line with the other Marvel movies in terms of cost. To be fair, money is a factor here not least because Miller had an entire effects team, Blur Studio, working on Deadpool, and smaller effects studios can struggle to make ends meet.

That said, it was pretty clear from the start who was going to win this one. Reynolds and the writing team of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick started talking about keeping the sequel’s budget low almost from the instant the original movie took off, and Reynolds has been the guy pushing for a Deadpool movie from day one. Things are looking up for Miller, however, as he’s just picked up the adaptation of the Daniel Suarez novel Influx.

(via Comics Alliance)