‘Deadpool 2’ Director David Leitch Is Promising More Action In The Sequel

Sweet, cuddly Deadpool with be bringing more blood-splattered mayhem in his next cinematic go-around. No word yet on if there will be an increase in pegging in the sequel too.

Speaking with the UK movie mag Empire, Deadpool 2 helmer David Leitch noted that he’ll be making the most of his John Wick co-director credentials in his entry in the series.

“There’s more action in this film,” explains Leitch who is taking the reins over from the original’s director Tim Miller. “I hope we can expand it and make it interesting in an 87Eleven kinda way.”

The increase in action won’t lead to a more serious, action movie-y Wade Wilson, though. Leitch spoke lovingly of the splatstick ridiculousness of the first film.

“The completely irreverent tone was the thing that won me over about the first Deadpool movie,” said Leitch. “I want to deliver on what they did and at the same time hopefully expand the universe.”

That sounds nice, doesn’t it? Even with a vague early 2018 release date on the horizon, it’s nice to get these small reminders that there’s some thought going into another round of laughs and gasps. Get Michael Shannon or Stephen Lang locked in as Cable and everything sounds hunky dory.

(Via Empire)