‘Deadpool’ Features Some ‘Very Athletic’ Sexy Times For Ryan Reynolds And Morena Baccarin

ryan reynolds morena bacarrin athletic sex montage deadpool
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Whether you caught the incredible Deadpool trailer at San Diego Comic-Con or watched the bootleg online, you probably noticed two things off the bat… all of the wonderfully gratuitous violence and some sexy times. Some seriously sexy times, to be precise, between co-stars Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson/Deadpool) and Morena Baccarin (Vanessa Carlysle/Copycat).

In an interview with Cinema Blend ahead of the film’s stellar Comic-Con panel, Reynolds felt the need to describe the scene with some interesting word choices:

It’s an origin story for these characters, so you see them falling in love. You see them meeting each other for the first time and discovering that they’re kindred spirits. There’s this awesome sex montage, you see them love each other more and more.

Soon after, he added that the “sex montage” was “very athletic.” Baccarin applauded the description and agreed wholeheartedly.

So, not only will Deadpool earn its desired hard R-rating for all of the bloody good violence, but its sexy times will most likely contribute to the MPAA’s judgment. Hell, at this rate, director Tim Miller and the creative team will probably have to scale back a bit so as to please the puritanical organization (and avoid an NC-17 rating).

(Via Cinema Blend)