Comic Book Movies That Should Follow ‘Deadpool’ And Go For An R-Rating

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02.16.16 24 Comments

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Deadpool shattered records this weekend, earning $135 million in three days. And it did it as an R-rated superhero movie, something nobody believed would happen. Even the most optimistic projection had the movie raking in half of what it ultimately grossed. So, now that we know an R-rating is no roadblock to making money, let’s consider what other superheroes deserve a more mature, or at least potty-mouthed, tone?

Suicide Squad



Tellingly, David Ayer’s forthcoming Suicide Squad, despite its many trailers, doesn’t have a rating yet. The film should consider just going for the R, not least because a key feature of the comic has always been that the members of the Squad are disposable. Members drop like flies, sometimes thanks to the bombs implanted in their necks, and they’re not nice people in the first place. Furthermore, the movie is directed by David Ayer, notable for his hard-R crime dramas and war movies like End of Watch and Fury. It’s clear Ayer was hired to provide a certain tone, so let him follow through.

Guardians of the Galaxy

guardians of the galaxy


True, Guardians of the Galaxy was a massive hit for Disney, but at the same time it often looked like James Gunn wanted to make a rowdier movie. So, why not let him? If there was ever a time to let Gunn loose, it’s the guaranteed hit followup to a movie everyone loves. Gunn’s other superhero movie, Super, was a hilarious satire of the superhero genre and especially its fans, and his resumé, from his work at the notorious Troma to the gross-out achievement Slither, has been a little rougher than Guardians. The kids will still buy Rocket Raccoon plushies whether they see the movie or not, so let him have a little fun.

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