‘Deadpool’ Creator Says The Film Delivers The Best Version Of The Character He’s Ever Seen

20th Century Fox/Getty Image

As you may have heard, Fox recently surprised two lucky audiences in New York and Los Angeles with a full screening of Deadpool. The response coming out of these screenings has been overwhelmingly positive, with perhaps the most enthusiastic praise coming from Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld, who happened to be in the audience for the Los Angeles showing.

After watching the movie, Liefeld addressed the audience, declaring it the best thing since pouch vests.

“This is my second time seeing it and it was even better than the first time. This movie comes out twenty-five years to the day we published him at Marvel and you couldn’t get a better gift if you’re a Deadpool fan. I have seen twenty-five years of stories come and go, and Rhett [Reese] and Paul [Wernick] will tell you, back in 2009 I freaked out when I read the screenplay because Deadpool has never ever been better than he was in that screenplay and when I saw this movie six weeks ago I was like, ‘How much of this script will carry?’ and what you just saw is the best version of Deadpool I have ever experienced in my life.”

Well, there you go — Deadpool officially has the Liefeldian stamp of approval, and you know his taste is above reproach. You can trust a man who wears button-fly jeans.

Deadpool arrives in theaters, with feet and everything, on Friday, Feb. 12.


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