T.J. Miller Shares Some Of The Jokes Too Terrible For ‘Deadpool’

02.03.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

Recently, word came out that Deadpool, an R-rated movie about a pansexual assassin, has a somehow even raunchier cut waiting for the home video release. One had to wonder how a movie that featured, among other lines, “you look like Freddy Kreuger face-f*cked a topographical map of Utah” could get raunchier. Well, T.J. Miller has a few lines to share.

Part of this was, unsurprisingly, Miller and Ryan Reynolds being good at improv. Miller talks about Reynolds a bit and notes that a fair chunk of the movie’s comedy comes from the fact that Reynolds is just so good at winging it. Apparently much of what’s in the trailer was improvised on set, but as there were no brakes, sometimes they had to go back and get something the MPAA wouldn’t immediately slap with an NC-17. Which includes, apparently, lines about impossible things with male genitalia that we’ll let you discover for yourself.

Still, there’s one line in particular that went a little too far, according to Miller.

You look like a trucker sh*t on your shoulders and then shaped ears into it.

Somehow we’re a little surprised the Freddy one made it and that didn’t. Maybe the MPAA just dislikes Utah?

(via IGN)

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