Deadpool Director Tim Miller Finds Himself An Equally Geeky Replacement Project

It didn’t take too long for former Deadpool 2 director Tim Miller to find his next project. The recently departed director, who reportedly had a different vision for the Deadpool sequel than star Ryan Reynolds, has gone from a comic book smash to a potential video game smash. According to Variety, Miller has boarded Sega’s planned Sonic the Hedgehog movie, with Sony hoping to transition his Marvel magic over to their side of the comic book and video game movie battle.

While details on the latter project are thin right now, what we do is that it will be a CGI/live-action hybrid. Which makes sense because dying a hedgehog blue and training it to catch gold rings on camera seems pretty unethical from an animal rights perspective. That’s not even getting to the difficulties of adding a second tail to a fox and getting it to fly. While his name remained mostly unknown outside of hardcore fan circles Miller’s direction on the first Deadpool was a big reason the movie was so successful. For every example of Reynolds’ spot on sarcasm, there was an action scene to match.

It’s still far too early to tell how much crazy action Sonic the Hedgehog is meant to have, Miller is definitely up to the challenge of following a hedgehog while he flips through a variety of rings, traps, and final bosses.

(via Variety)