Honest Trailers And Ryan Reynolds Show Why ‘Deadpool’ Is Every 16-Year-Old’s Favorite Movie

Honest Trailers has been on a superhero kick lately. First, there was the inoffensively inessential Superman Returns, then came the Russo brothers, Joe and Anthony, providing an honest reaction to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and finally, the worst Star-Spangled Avenger movie ever, 1990’s Captain America. It made a grand total of $10,000 at the box office, or roughly one/tenth of the money Deadpool spent on just chimichangas. But those delicious deep-fried burritos probably aren’t why Deadpool became the highest R-rated movie of all-time — it was probably all the cursing, violence, and nudity.

Or to quote the Honest Trailer, “Suit up for the R-rated film that you had to be 17 to see, but 16 to fully appreciate.” Teenage-boy-at-heart Ryan Reynolds actually drops by as the Merc with a Mouth to approve of Voiceover Guy comparing Deadpool (“…which, much like its hero, wants to have it both ways”) to season four of Family Guy, and to say that he doesn’t “give a moist bag of soggy dick lint” about any criticisms you might have about the movie. Then things get meta when Deadpool critiques Honest Trailers for being a “played-out web series.” Now as for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Check out the trailer above. Hope you like curse bleeps.