Here’s How ‘Deadpool’ Should Have Ended

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03.09.16 2 Comments

The video above contains spoilers for Deadpool, as does some of the speculation below.

How It Should Have Ended returns with another alternate version of a blockbuster movie, and this time it’s surprise hit Deadpool getting a parody that’s a real winner winner chicken dinner. It’s filled with fourth-wall breaking (“Don’t get up. Wouldn’t want to have to animate you in a different position for a change.”), references to previous Ryan Reynolds superhero movies, and unanswered questions, like how did Vanessa Carlyle (also known as Copycat) survive Wade’s maximum effort?

That last question ties back to some old rumors that Morena Baccarin is actually playing the preternaturally lucky Domino, not Copycat. That would be incredibly meta if true. Copycat disguised herself as Domino in Deadpool’s debut issue, New Mutants #98, so how funny would it be if Domino disguised herself as Copycat in Deadpool’s debut movie? (Shut up, that other movie doesn’t exist.)

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