Ryan Reynolds Explains Why Deadpool Won’t Appear Alongside Wolverine In ‘Logan’

Superhero fans got a late Christmas (or on-time Hanukkah!) present when it was announced that Ryan Reynolds shot a scene as Deadpool for Wolverine’s riding-off-into-the-sunset movie, Logan. “An individual with knowledge of the project [tells us] the Deadpool scene in Logan will most likely become a post-credit scene,” The Wrap reported, not realizing that the knowledgeable “individual” was probably the Merc with the Mouth playing a nasty prank.

The rumor was quickly shot down by Reynolds, who tweeted, “Sadly, not true. Prisoner 24601 is on a solo mission,” and Logan director James Mangold, who also tweeted, “Deadpool ain’t in the film, pal. Keep backtracking,” and Hugh Jackman, who added a simple, “What they said.” But why? A Deadpool and Wolverine team-up seems inevitable — no less a source than Wade Wilson himself said, “I want Deapdool and Wolverine in a movie together” — but it won’t be in Logan, because, according to Reynolds, the tone would be all off.

When a Hollywood Reporter writer tweeted, “OMFG, dude! Is it happening??” to Reynolds, he responded, “No. I want a Deadpool/Wolvie film. But Logan is its own unique & perfect thing. The Big Red Sh*t-Talker wouldn’t mix with the tone.” He makes a good point. In Johnny Cash terms, Serious Superhero Movie Logan is “Hurt,” Silly Superhero Movie Deadpool is “Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart,” and never the twain shall meet. At least until 20th Century Fox drives a dump truck full of money to Jackman’s mansion, begging him to make another Wolverine film. Then all bets are off.

(Via Twitter)