‘Suicide Squad’ Was Nominated For More Oscars Than ‘Deadpool,’ And People Are Not Happy

The nominations for the 89th annual Academy Awards were announced this morning, and if you’re looking for Deadpool, I have some bad news for you.

Despite being nominated for Best Motion Picture: Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes and Best Theatrical Motion Picture at the Producers Guild of America Awards, and despite the promise of “one f*cking crazy reaction video,” and despite a surge of superhero award show support not seen since The Dark Knight, Deadpool — which was a critical (84% on Rotten Tomatoes, compared to Hacksaw Ridge‘s 86%) and commercial ($783.1 million on a $58 million budget) success — was shut out of the Oscars. Even Suicide Squad received a pity nomination for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, obviously.

Ryan Reynolds’ passion project isn’t your typical Oscars fare, but as our own Dan Seitz noted, “Deadpool was a scrappy underdog that somehow beat the odds being stacked against it to not just be a modest hit, but a worldwide blockbuster, making it the movie everyone in Hollywood dreams of making.” Plus, with ratings for last year’s ceremony at an eight-year low, it was rumored the Oscars would sneak in a movie everyone has seen. (The actual Best Picture nominees include popular fare like Arrival, Hidden Figures, and La La Land, but those three films combined have made less than Deadpool.) Alas.

Deadpool isn’t a great movie — in fact, I’d argue the behind-the-scenes stuff is more interesting than the film itself — and probably didn’t deserve a Best Picture nomination, but don’t tell that to the Merc with the Mouth’s biggest fans. Especially when you bring up Suicide Squad.