This Eye-Opening ‘Deadpool’ VFX Reel Reveals Which Parts Of Ryan Reynolds’ Nude Fight Scene Were CGI

Warning: The video above contains some Deadpool spoilers and NSFW imagery.

Visual-effects reels are usually pretty interesting, although if you’ve seen one, you’ve kinda seen them all. I mean, at this point we’re all aware that Hollywood blockbusters are mostly performed in front of green screens, right? No big shocks there. So leave it to Deadpool to add a little extra spice to its visual-effects reel, which was just posted online.

Deadpool‘s reel, from a company called Rodeo FX, begins like most other effects reels. We see how they created Ryan Reynolds’ digital burn “makeup” — it’s interesting, but nothing mind-blowing. That’s when things take a surprisingly R-rated turn. As you may have heard (or probably seen for yourself), Ryan Reynolds/Wade Wilson gets into a naked throwdown early on in the movie, and this VFX reel gets into all the floppy details.

The big revelation? Despite all the charming, self-effacing interviews Reynolds gave about his oh-so-embarrassing nekkid fight, you never actually see the real Deadpool Jr. in the scene. Yes, Ryan Reynolds’ dong was CGI. I’ll give you a moment to take it all in. I mean, come on! There were katanas and fire all over the place! That is not a wiener-friendly environment. Reynolds had to lie to Ellen, he had to.

Anyways, this has definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities of X-rated special effects. I wonder if there are any Lars von Trier VFX reels out there.

(Via Rodeo FX)