Deadpool Meets Spider-Man In This Seamless Mash Up

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Who owns the rights to which Marvel characters continues to be a messy business, with the lines drawn between Disney and Fox. Unfortunately, this legal split prevents some team ups from the original Marvel comics from happening. The Avengers will never team up with the X-Men, the Fantastic Four were notably absent from Civil War shenanigans, etc. One of the most commonly lamented pairing that won’t be happening any time soon is Deadpool and Spider-Man. Despite taking part in two of the biggest superhero movies of the year and meeting up on multiple occasions on the pages of comics, our snarky know-it-alls haven’t had the opportunity to trade barbs on the big screen.

Well, this video will ease the pain of loss or merely whet your appetite. Youtuber Zach Ace (of Avengers/Full House mashup fame) did some excellent work integrating the Merc with the Mouth into the airport scene from Civil War. While we didn’t get to see the assassin in action (is anyone wearing brown pants in this fight?), his snark off with Spidey works beautifully. Sony eventually handed over the rights to put Spider-Man in an actual Marvel Studios production, so maybe the same could happen with Deadpool, eventually. Until then, he can work on perfecting his superhero landing.

(Via Zach Ace’s Youtube Channel)

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