‘Deadpool’ Gets Some Classic ‘X-Men’ Influence With A Series Of New Images

In case you didn’t get enough Deadpool from the Christmas trailer, 20th Century Fox has been sprinkling little bits of joy all around in different places. Ryan Reynolds has made Deadpool his own and each little bit we get showcases just how much love is being poured into the film from all sides. Of course it could all end up terrible and I’ll regret saying any of this while also denying it up and down.

Still, in some new exclusives for Entertainment Weekly and Empire — with some assistance from the official 20th Century Fox site — we’re getting some new looks at Deadpool in action and a bit of the X-Men influence we’ll be seeing in the film.

Deadpool is taking on Ajax in the exclusive over at Entertainment Weekly, which hopefully is more than the villains we’re used to getting in recent comic book films. They’ve all felt very similar, so it’d be nice if a Deadpool film that’s attempting to change the stakes also manages to do something with the villain.

Empire is also giving us a closer look at Gina Carano’s Angel Dust, namely in the aftermath of the slight blast she takes in the Christmas trailer. She’s also giving Weasel the business in an image from 20th Century Fox.

There’s also a nice look at Negasonic Teenage Warhead sporting her X-Men / New Mutants getup. It has the similar color scheme of the original X-Men costumes (and the New Mutants costumes, obviously) while also keeping with the film versions from First Class.