Deadpool Airs His Grievances About Hugh Jackman And ‘Wolverine’ To Celebrate Australia Day

Entertainment Writer
01.22.16 6 Comments

We’re inching closer and closer to Deadpool’s release in theaters, and everything is pointing towards a pleasurable experience for the fans. All is right with the world of Marvel’s Merc With A Mouth, with Rob Liefeld saying the movie is the best Deadpool he’s ever seen and Joe Kelly returning to write the comics. But there’s still something that sticks in the craw of Mr. Pool. Something that gets a spotlight this Australia Day — which yes, is a real holiday.

That would be X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a sore spot for many fans. If you don’t remember the film or have attempted to black it out from your memory, Deadpool did appear in the film. And he was sort of Deadpool for close to 10 minutes of the film before they sewed his mouth shut and turned him into a mutant killing machine.

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