Dean Norris Joins Gullermo Del Toro’s ‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’

09.12.18 10 months ago


It’s always great when actors who spend years and years on a popular TV show continue to have a healthy, rich, diverse career after said show ends. Case in point: Breaking Bad vet Dean Norris. He’ll eternally be DEA agent Hank Schrader, who went from cocky to tragic over five seasons. Since the show ended half a decade back, it’s been delightful to see him broaden his range, play roles that are very un-Hank, and do projects that are very un-Breaking Bad. Case in point for that: According to Deadline, Norris was just cast in the Guillermo del Toro-produced movie of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

No word on what character Norris will play, though he’ll be joining a cast of teens, who will play, well, teens trying to solve who or what’s behind a string of ghastly, supernatural-seeming deaths drawn from Alvin Schwartz’s beloved trilogy of stories that are probably too grisly for today’s helicopter-parented kids.

Will Norris play one of their parents? A law enforcement officer who’s either too much like Hank Schrader or not enough like him? Will he play someone who’s eaten by worms? We said we don’t know! But Norris is always welcome, be it in such post-Breaking Bad projects as Under the Dome, Fist Fight, Beirut, the HBO show Claws — heck, he was even pretty good in the much-maligned The Book of Henry. If only he didn’t have his reasons for not swinging by Better Call Saul.

The Scary Stories movie is being co-written by del Toro, while Trollhunter’s André Øvredal will direct. Norris will also be joining fellow adults Gil Bellows (Ali McBeal) and Orange is the New Black’s Lorraine Toussaint.

(Via Deadline)

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