Deathstroke Is Getting His Own Solo Movie And DC Fans Don’t Know How They Feel About It

DC is (again) getting into the Deathstroke cinema business and the comic publisher’s fans seem to be mixed on whether or not they hankering for a Slade Wilson solo adventure. The names currently associated with the project should inspire a touch of optimism, though.

The Wrap reports that The Raid director Gareth Evans is in early talks to helm a Deathstroke solo picture with Joe Manganiello attached to star as the supervillain. Both Manganiello and cinematic plans for Deathstroke were previously earmarked for Ben Affleck’s The Batman film. (That handsome Deathstroke-y devil we have as our featured image comes from the character’s CW incarnation on Arrow.)

The prospect of the Teen Titans nemesis laying waste to folks in an assassin picture from the filmmaker that made The Raid sounds pretty promising to this dude, although reactions to going broke for Deathstroke have been mixed. As is the case with a lot of comic book news, it’s a mix of elation, suspicion and feelings of superhero/supervillain fatigue.

No deals have been locked in on the project, so there’s no real details yet on what to expect from a Deathstroke solo joint. There’s the fantasy of a hard R offering in the realm of Logan or Deadpool, but until things get official, it’s hard to speculate on its status just yet. Speaking of upcoming DC offerings, Justice League is slated to arrive in theaters on November 17.

(Via The Wrap)