Denzel Washington Doesn’t Find Those ‘Uncle Denzel’ Memes As Funny As You Do

Denzel Washington became a hilarious meme last year when cameras at the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight caught the Academy Award winning actor looking like somebody’s pervy uncle at the family cookout. Also known for being finer than frog hair, a noticeably older Denzel was dressed in a tracksuit and a ball cap with a mustachioed face that made him ripe for social media jokes. And thus, Uncle Denzel was born. While everyone was yucking it up at the expense of the Magnificent Seven actor, he was not.

Global Grind correspondent BlogXilla got Denzel to comment on the Uncle Denzel meme and, well, the 61-year-old actor wasn’t at all pleased with being a laughing stock. With his face as serious as a heart attack, Denzel pretty much called the jokesters broke, do-nothing haters.

“If I had my wallet, I’d show it to you,” the actor said when asked how he felt about becoming an Internet meme. “They don’t know what I was doing. They don’t need to know.” But I’ll tell you anyway. Denzel grew his mustache for Magnificent Seven and earned a nice check for his troubles. Uncle Denzel also hit the haters with, “those who can do and those who can’t talk about those who can.” Yikes! That turned out to be way more serious than it needed to be. He was probably better off answering while in Training Day mode.