Did You Catch This ‘Man Of Steel’ Easter Egg That Totally Reveals Aquaman For ‘Batman V. Superman?’

Remember the above clip from Man Of Steel? It’s right after the still bearded Clark Kent saves the workers on the burning oil rig. I remember the whole thing being a bit odd when the movie was still in theaters, but it supposedly features a very strong hint at the existence of Aquaman in the DC Cinematic Universe.

The spoiler/scoop/revelation comes from TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider on the Meet The Movie Press podcast, stemming from something he overheard at one of those gala media events where people rub shoulders and talk show over expensive food (or Subway in my experience). The spoiler is that the whales we see right after the rig explosion are under the control of Aquaman and that it is his help that saves Superman and returns him to dry land.

Does that seem a bit hard to believe to you? It is certainly a stretch for me to grasp as truth, but it also makes more sense than a random whale appearance. The rumors that I had been reading were that Aquaman would be more pissed about what happened in the Indian Ocean with that Kryptonian death machine, but this would add a nice layer to the two heroes connection in the film universe.

If anything, the scene itself already features one nod to the Aquaman comics. Much like the Lexcorp and Wayne Enterprises logos from later in the movie, Mashable’s Josh Dickey notes the Merrevale Oil company is a group that Aquaman clashed with in the books. I’m sure you all knew that, being the big Aquaman fans that you are and all.

So what do you believe? Will Jason Momoa’s Aquaman be schooling Superman and saying, “you owe me, pal” when Batman V. Superman hits? Who knows. But you can watch the clip below to get the scoop directly from the source (30 minute mark if it doesn’t automatically start there).

(Via Mashable / WB / Meet The Movie Press)