The Guy Who Took Out A Full-Page Ad To Pitch A ‘Die Hard’ Sequel Got A Movie Deal Out Of It

Back in November, screenwriter Eric D. Wilkinson spent thousands of dollars on a full-page ad in the Hollywood Reporter, and then used all of the space to pitch an idea for Die Hard 6. This was, and still is, just a wonderfully crazy plan, one that a great number of people in his life probably tried to talk him out of. “Eric, buddy,” they probably said, condescension dripping off their slicked back Hollywood hair and onto their white Armani blazer. “This crazy stunt of yours, it’ll never work. You’re just throwing your money away.”

Well, guess what, hypothetical naysayer who I’m just now realizing is basically Don Johnson circa 1984. This stunt was crazy. Just crazy enough to work! Per The Guardian:

Die Hard’s executives declined to get in touch following Wilkinson’s letter, but the screenwriter received a call from the office of the Hollywood action movie producer Avi Lerner (whose credits include The Expendables and Olympus Has Fallen), asking him to send more material. Wilkinson and his writing partner Richard Schenkman have since agreed a deal with LA-based Eclectic Pictures, which has a first-look arrangement with Lerner’s Millennium Films. The company has now optioned their high-concept screenplay The Devil, about the mythical flying creature said to have terrorised residents of southern New Jersey for centuries, for an unspecified sum.

So, to recap: Man takes out expensive ad in trade magazine. Man uses ad space to pitch an idea for the sixth film in a franchise that started 20 years ago. Man catches eye of producer responsible for the other 2013 movie about terrorists attacking the White House. Man ends up with movie deal and a project in development about a flying New Jersey hellbeast.

You know, that old Hollywood story.

(Via The Guardian)

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