Disney CEO Pulls A Tony Stark When Responding To Marvel/DC Competition Questions

bob iger tony stark

If a real life Tony Stark were ever discovered, his name would probably be Bob Iger — the man who currently retains the title of Disney CEO. And not because his company owns Marvel Studios, necessarily, but for what he told reporters Tuesday at a media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho.

As Variety reports, Iger was asked about the competition Marvel faces from the upcoming Warner Bros. slate of DC Comics film adaptations, headlined by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, a major event that Marvel is mostly skipping out on. Time Warner’s own CEO talked some smack back in March, and rumors suggested Marvel was scared of the plethora of films Warner Bros. had to offer, but if Iger’s response is any indication, that’s highly unlikely:

“We’re Marvel. We’ve done a great job of building the Marvel brand, which we think when it’s on a movie really makes a difference. We’re seeing signs of that.”

“We’re Marvel.” That’s basically the real world equivalent to “I am Tony Stark,” and it’s f*cking ballsy as hell. But don’t let me interrupt, as Iger’s not done yet:

“We like the Marvel slate that we have coming up,” said Iger. “We think they’re unique in many ways and have no concerns [about competition] whatsoever.”

To better illustrate the Disney CEO’s main points, here’s a few GIFs from across the Internet to help you out:

(Via Variety)