Disney Is Hoping For Magic With A New Live Action ‘Peter Pan’

Disney is looking to recapture the magic of the original 1953 animated feature Peter Pan for new audiences with an all new, live-action version of the classic children’s story. There are probably very few kids who grew up in the western world who at one point and time weren’t completely entranced with the tale of Peter Pan, his Lost Boys and Neverland. What’s being a kid without knowing about the menace that is Captain Hook or the struggles with never wanting to grow up?

According to Deadline, the upcoming feature is being handed off to David Lowery, best known for his upcoming adaptation of Pete’s Dragon. He will be joined once again by Tony Halbrooks to pen the script for Peter Pan, and Disney will once again hope for fireworks to happen.

This isn’t Hollywood’s first attempt to take the classic character of Scottish novelist J. M. Barrie to life via the big screen, with Robin Williams’s now legendary performance in the 90’s classic Hook being one of the few times that it actually worked. The stark contrast to that is the 2015 feature Pan, which failed to do much for anyone and fizzled out in the box office. Disney is hoping that Peter Pan will add to their upcoming line-up of live action films and once again bring a classic story to life for a new generation and potentially wash away the taste of any live action television specials that may have happened.

(Via Deadline)