Disney’s Festive Short ‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ Is Hopped Up On Holiday Cheer In Its Debut Trailer

Parents at the mercy of the Frozen soundtrack, take note. Your ears are in danger of falling hostage once again. Disney has served up the trailer for its upcoming short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and it is here to knock you over with a firehose of holiday cheer.

Packaged as a bonus treat playing before Pixar’s CoCo (due out November 22), the spinoff semi-sequel has the cheery and frequently clueless Josh Gad voiced snowman Olaf on the hunt for a family tradition for the holidays. Along the way in this first trailer there’s a fruitcake poop joke, a suggestive sauna gag and our hero falling dangerous close to burning to death. In a wholesome way, of course. Not like the ribald nature of a Shrek The Halls or anything.

Before finding its new home as a pre-movie short, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was going to be an ABC TV special. Instead, it’s now lined up to exist as Frozen‘s second non-TV short following 2015’s Frozen Fever. Just like that previous Disney lil’ movie, the upcoming short sees the original voice cast return and avoid the weirdness of behind-the-scenes vocal changes that made things like The Return of Jafar a total mindfudge for kid viewers. Good job, Disney.