Disney Considers Giving ‘The Little Mermaid’ A Live-Action Update

Ariel from The Little Mermaid longed to be a part of our world, but how would you feel if that hangout arrived in a live-action flavor? COMPLICATED FEELINGS, AHOY!

Universal has been prepping their own live-action Little Mermaid picture for a while (complete with The Internet™ losing its sea sh*t over Chloë Moretz keeping her blonde locks for it) and now Disney has apparently entered the live-action Ariel arena. According to Deadline, Disney is in the “early stages” of crafting a live-action version of the film, although the family entertainment giant is still said to be evaluating if they’ll be going ahead with the idea.

Going live-action with properties that they’ve already given a beloved animated treatment to isn’t new to Disney. They’ve churned out hits like last year’s update on Cinderella and are banking on movies like Beauty and the Beast to keep up this trend. At a guess, Nicolas Winding Refn and Lars von Trier won’t be on the shortlist to direct this Danish tale, but it’s fun to imagine one of those Danes will tackle the film and return the story to its non-Disney roots.

Are you game for the prospect of multiple (MULTIPLE!) live-action adaptations of The Little Mermaid? Sound off and maybe throw in the occasional casting suggestions in the comments.

(via Deadline)