Disney Is Reportedly Considering Dropping Some Of Its Big Live-Action Remakes Online

The movie industry has been cautiously back to production, especially if they’re filming in nations that have handled the pandemic better than America. The movie theater industry is a different story. Not even a Christopher Nolan spectacular was able to reignite the theatrical box office, forcing major studios to make previously unthinkable moves. A day after Warner Bros. announced they’d be releasing Wonder Woman 1984 on their still newish streamer, HBO Max, a report from Deadline claims Disney is considering doing something similar with some of their big live-action remakes.

While no final decision has been made, Deadline reports that three of the company’s splashier titles may wind up taking a path similar to the one that befell their live-action remake of Mulan, as well as titles like Artemis Foul, the Hamilton movie, and Pixar’s forthcoming Soul: They’ll wind up on Disney+, their year-old streamer. Those films are Cruella, in which Emma Stone plays a more punkish version of the 101 Dalmatians baddie; Pinocchio, which reunites director Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks, who will play Gepetto; and Peter Pan and Wendy, from Pete’s Dragon’s David Lowery.

It’s unclear which version of the Disney+ path they’ll take. Artemis Foul, Hamilton, and Soul were/are being made free with a subscription. Mulan, however, was a rental for its first three months, with a steep price tag of 30 bucks. And again, this is far from a done deal. But one thing’s for certain: The pandemic is going to change the theatrical movie landscape in ways that will ensue long after this thing’s belatedly under control.

(Via Deadline)