Disney Will Make All The Money In The Galaxy From ‘Star Wars’

Disney, whichs owns everything from Marvel to ESPN to your firstborn child, paid George Lucas $4 billion for the rights to Star Wars. That’s a lot of money, even for Disney, but they anticipated to earn all of it back, and then some.

“And then some” is expected to be $8 billion, from The Force Awakens alone:

Goldman Sachs entertainment analyst Drew Borst’s forecast for the film breaks down into $1.95 billion in global ticket sales and $6 billion in merchandise sales next year.

“We estimate Star Wars consumer products sales of $6 billion in FY16, double the sales when Disney acquired Lucas in 2012,” Borst wrote Tuesday in a client note titled “May the Mouse Be With You.” (Via)

Only a small fraction of Disney’s financial jackpot comes from the movie itself. The Force Awakens is the cereal; The Force Awakens merchandise is the marshmallows. That $6 billion is what Disney made from the Frozen crap that your kids desperately wanted a year ago, and is now hidden somewhere under their Star Wars-themed bunk bed that’s covered in BB-8 sheets and stands next to an R2-D2 trashcan and life-size cutouts of Rey and Finn.

Something tells me Di$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ney knows what it’s doing.

(Via New York Post)

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