Watch Disney World’s Brand New Teaser Footage Of The Planned ‘Avatar’ Rides

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The chances of the world ever seeing Avatar 2 or Avatar 3 are seeming pretty slim at this point, as James Cameron continues to talk a lot of game that up until now he hasn’t followed up on at all. The Academy Award winning movie is one of the highest-grossing films of all time but the promise of multiple followup movies hasn’t been fulfilled — or even come close. It’s a good thing then that Disney World is here to save the day and offer up some Avatar content while fans wait for what they’ve been promised to appear.

Two Avatar-themed rides are set to open at Disney’s Florida theme park this Spring, and in advance of the grand reveal they’ve released a few teasers of what the rides will look like. The first gives a sense of what the river ride will look like, with obligatory shots of children looking at their surroundings with unfettered joy on their faces.

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