Emma Stone Is In Talks To Star As Disney Baddie Cruella De Vil

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Getty Image / Tristan Fewings

BREAKING: Film sweetheart Emma Stone fantasizes of murdering puppies and wearing their fur like a fashionable trophy!

That’s our over-the-top way of letting you know that Emma Stone (that actress you like!) is reportedly in talks to play impossibly stylish 101 Dalmatians villain Cruella de Vil in an upcoming Disney motion picture. Yes, the marvellously coiffed baddie is pegged to return in a new live-action movie and it sounds like an origin story at that.

The Hollywood Reporter describes Stone as being in “early negotiations” for this film which is without a director at this stage of the game. The lack of locked down director and Cruella hasn’t stopped the project from scoring priority status at Disney who hope to have filming underway later this year.

It’d be nice to see Emma Stone channel Cruella de Vil in a live action movie. Not only is she a more than capable actress, but we also look forward to drinking in her character’s transformation into Glenn Close from 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians. IMAGINE THE TWO OF THEM IN CRUELLA GARB TOGETHER MUGGING FOR THE COVER OF ROLLING STONE! The possibilities!

(via The Hollywood Reporter)