Here’s How To Dress Like Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn For Halloween

If there’s one costume to rule them all this Halloween, it’s going to be Harley Quinn. Not just any Harley, either, but Margot Robbie’s interpretation in DC’s Suicide Squad, which doesn’t even come out until next year. Not that it matters. From the moment the first photo came out, women (and men) have been buying “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster” shirts and ordering blue and red hair dye, for the express purpose of carrying around a baseball bat on Oct. 31.

That day is almost here.

Forbes reports that Harley is “ranked number one in Bing’s early costume search data,” just ahead of Minions, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, and Maleficent. Please do not be an adult dressed as a sexy Minion. Thank you. Anyway, if you’re late to the game and only just decided you want to look like Margot on Halloween (don’t we all), you can quickly learn how to transform into her Harley over at Bustle, then watch this helpful DIY costume video. Or copy the looks of any of the impressive cosplayers below.

Here’s the best of Harley 2015, so far.






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That last one is literally the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen.