Check Out A First Look Of Benedict Cumberbatch As ‘Doctor Strange’ In Concept Art

While the rest of the world slept last night, Scott Derrickson sent Marvel fanboys and girls into a frenzy on social media. The acclaimed horror writer/director of Deliver Us from Evil and Sinister is set to direct Marvel’s Doctor Strange, which actor Benedict Cumberbatch was finally-officially-for-real attached to earlier this month, and last night’s tweet revealed concept art of the actor in character.

Yes, yes, and yes, please. I mean, it’s just concept art, which means some underpaid creative employed by Marvel Studios took a head shot of Cumberbatch, added the character’s signature goatee, and overlaid a psychedelic screen to fool admirers into thinking it had any substance. Still, it’s wonderful and amazing and I like it and I want more, Derrickson.

The director posted the art with a line from ’80s band Talking Heads’ song “Burning Down the House,” in which the singer opines he is “strange but not a stranger.” ‘Cause nothing screams Marvel’s supernatural side quite like new wave music’s heyday in the early to mid ’80s in the United States. I wonder if Marvel will provide moviegoers with the drugs at screenings.

Via Twitter