‘Doctor Strange’ Early Screening Reactions Have Arrived, Mushrooms Optional

Marvel’s Doctor Strange will be splashing its trippy “Escher stuff” across theater screens on November 4th, but some lucky so-and-so’s snagged seats to an early press screening on Wednesday night. The full reviews are still under embargo, but early reactions made their way to Twitter on Thursday.

This comes just after the news that China hasn’t banned the movie. Marvel expects to make over $100 million in China off Doctor Strange, but there was a risk of a ban if the movie went too far with references to magic or ghosts (Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters were banned in China for those reasons, for example). According to the script co-writer (but denied by Marvel), fear of a ban in China was also the reason Tilda Swinton’s character wasn’t Tibetan.

That’s not to say there isn’t still going to be magic all up in this movie, judging from the reviews and from the recent teaser which made it clear Doctor Strange’s necklace, the Eye of Agamotto, contains the Time Stone, which had already been hinted at by Marvel head Kevin Feige.

As for the early reactions, much was said about just how psychedelic the movie is, and how unexpected the action sequences are:

Which prompted some to declare the 3D version worth the extra cost:

Also stick around for two post-credits scenes:

And apparently keep an eye out for the scene-stealing Cloak of Levitation. (That’s levitation, Holmes!)

It wasn’t 100% positive, of course:

Speaking of Benedict Cumberbatch, Uproxx’s own Mike Ryan made the case that Dr. Strange is so Tony Stark-like he might be taking that role in the MCU when Robert Downey Jr. eventually leaves.

But remember to stay safe out there, you guys…

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