‘Boardwalk Empire’s Richard Harrow Might Be Your Next Doctor Strange

You know Jack Huston best as a severely disfigured war veteran from Boardwalk Empire, but how about Doctor Strange? He might be in the running.

As This Is Infamous points out, it’s in keeping with Marvel’s overall hiring strategy:

Huston certainly fits what Marvel typically looks for in their leads – he’s known, but he’s not a star. He’s in the right age range – 31, to be exact – that he can be around the MCU for awhile, and his age won’t really become a factor for the character. Plus, while his star may be on the rise, it’s still in its infant stages, so he fits right into their budgetary approach, which is to typically get people before they’re in demand and then make them hot from their inclusion in the MCU.

It does fit, and it would make more sense than some of the people we’ve seen rumored, including those sadly ruled out despite being perfect. Huston actually makes a lot of sense, and it’s not like he’d turn down the role if offered. Besides, he probably wants a role where he doesn’t have to wear a prosthetic for once. So, really, if it’s not him, my semi-joke about it being Ethan Hawke is probably true.