Rumor: Rachel McAdams Will Play Night Nurse To ‘Doctor Strange’

rachel mcadams
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Doctor Strange is taking shape quickly, but one thing that’s been up in the air is just who Rachel McAdams will play. That’s where the rumor mill steps in, with an interesting theory.

Now, it would be completely tactless for me to say we figured this one out months ago. And since I am completely tactless, we totally called this one months ago. Anyway, Rachel McAdams, according to Latino Review, is playing Night Nurse, just not the Night Nurse some were expecting:

According to one of my sources, it turns out that Rachel McAdams won’t be Clea, a love interest for Stephen Strange in the comics. Instead, she’ll be playing Christine Palmer… Why McAdams will show up in Doctor Strange as the Christine Palmer Night Nurse, and not the Linda Carter Night Nurse is still a mystery.

Yeah, a complete mystery. We can’t imagine why Marvel wouldn’t want the name “Linda Carter” floating around one of their movies.

Aaaaanyway, as we’ve noted elsewhere, months ago, this seems to be the most credible way to work McAdams into the story. Of course, they could just make up an entirely new character and throw her into the mix, and Marvel is just messing with us. But this seems more likely. Now let’s see if Night Nurse is a nurse or a doctor, like in the comics.

(Via Latino Review)