‘Doctor Strange’ Releases Three More Mind-Bending Clips Right Before The Film Opens

Marvel’s Doctor Strange hits theaters at midnight tonight, and — as we learned when we posted this trippy Inception-like clip — it’s tracking to make $73 million domestically, huge for a November opening, but in line with all of the positive early screening reactions and our review. Marvel just uploaded three more clips to remind everyone the film has arrived.

The clip above features more of the crazy, reality-bending action that was on display in the past clip, as Strange battles some powerful henchmen of Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) in his Sanctum Sanctorum, also known as a townhouse in Greenwich Village. (But he calls it his Sanctum Sanctorum. Fine.)

Marvel also released a clip from very in the movie featuring Strange’s colleague and ex-flame Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), who is probably playing Night Nurse. She has some banter with Strange in this clip, pointing out that she no longer dates co-workers, a rule called “The Strange Policy.” And Doctor Strange being Doctor Strange, he’s just happy something is named after him.

The final clip shows an exasperated post-accident Doctor Strange, who’s “spent his last dollar” traveling to find a cure for his injuries, confronting The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) and calling her a fraud, and she responds by proving her skills by straight up punching him into another astral plane, something we imagine Tilda Swinton also does in real life when cornered. Strange responds by questioning if the tea has been laced with hallucinogens, something we also imagine Tilda Swinton has been asked before. She seems fun.

(Via Marvel Entertainment)