Who’s Who In ‘Doctor Strange?’

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Doctor Strange represents a big step for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, introducing its huge world of mages, sorcerers, and other assorted magic users to the big screen. And that means we’ll be meeting a lot of new characters. So who’s who, and how are they different from the comics?

Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor)


In the comics, Baron Mordo is a pretty straightforward bad guy and arguably Strange’s greatest foe. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in the early 1960s, as part of the first run of Doctor Strange comics, he’s meant to be Strange’s dark side, what happens when ambition and lust for power gets the better of your morals. A fellow student of the mystic arts with Strange when Strange joins the monastery looking for a cure for the nerve damage in his hands, Mordo is cast out when he tries to kill the Ancient One and steal his power. In typical villain fashion, he blames Strange for ruining his plans instead of having a moment of introspection. The movie, however, is changing his character a bit: He’s still studying under the Ancient One, but he appears, from the trailers, to be Strange’s ally, at least at first. That may change… or he may turn out to be the man behind the man, with another man behind him to boot.

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