Disney Wants To Do The Seemingly Impossible And Make A ‘Don Quixote’ Film

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10.13.16 4 Comments


Once again, there’s another big ol’ stab at bringing Don Quixote to the big screen. And as Terry Gilliam can tell you, getting Miguel de Cervantes’ legendary work into motion picture form is easier said than done.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is giving the tale a go as a feature film. Captain Phillips screenwriter Billy Ray has been tapped to pen the script and will produce the movie alongside Gordon Gray. Will it have whimsy? You’re darn tootin’ Disney’s Don Quixote offering will have whimsy. Sources told THR that there’s a particular vision in mind with this current crack at Quixote:

Sources say the plan is to adapt the work in a tone the recalls the madcap and fantastical nature of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which took a popular Disney theme park ride and married supernatural fantasy elements, creating a billion-dollar franchise in the process.

Intriguing! Mind you, way back in 2012 there was chatter that Johnny Depp would be attempting a Quixote movie with Disney, so expectations should be kept in check. Terry Gilliam’s seemingly cursed attempt at making his own Quixote has become Hollywood lore and a cautionary tale, so it certainly will be interesting to see if Disney can avoid that shadow of endless bad luck. Heck, Gilliam’s still attempting to exercise those Quixote production demons.

What odds do you give the motion picture crossing the finish line into theaters? Play prognosticator in the comments for future bragging rights purposes.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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