Donald Trump And Deadpool Are Mashed Up Into, You Guessed It, Trump Pool

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Donald Trump has been dismissed by many as a buffoon, an exaggeration, a character so ridiculous, he’s better suited to running against Lex Luthor than any serious candidate. So, Cyborg Monkey took that to its logical conclusion and redid the Deadpool trailer starring Donald Trump. Meet Trump Pool.

Essentially, they added some terrible CGI hair to Deadpool on the trailer and, uh, shall we say revised one or two of the casting choices to better reflect the potential conflicts and issues Trump may face on the campaign trail. For me, though, this raises the question of which comic book character Trump should be cast as when his Presidential bid inevitably fails.

Deadpool doesn’t work; Trump just doesn’t have the comedy chops. Normally, I’d suggest Guy Gardner. Certainly, he’s blustery and unable to back up the checks his mouth writes. But not even the masters of poor decision-making on Oa would credibly see Trump and issue him a Green Lantern ring.

No, I think Trump would be best suited to that classic annoying bureaucrat Henry Peter Gyrich. Trump is exactly the kind of guy who’d think he knows better than the Avengers, and who it will be hilarious to watch be ignored when he tries to exert his utter lack of authority. You’ve got your marching orders, Marvel. Get on it.

(Via Cinema Blend)

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