Doug Ellin Will Keep Making ‘Entourage’ Movies If Bros And Babes Want To See Them

Doug Ellin’s big screen adaptation of his hit HBO series Entourage opens on June 3, and it’s not very hard to predict the future. The Warner Bros. picture will have a massive opening weekend, and with this summer’s weak slate of comedies there’s a very good chance that it will be the highest grossing comedy of 2015 when all is said and done, clearing $500 million worldwide. Critics are probably going to crap all over it, calling it – oh, I don’t know – an unapologetic orgy of celebrity cameos organized so the cast and Ellin could brag about their A-list pals on Twitter before, during, and after the theatrical run. However, plenty of other critics will sell their souls and write things like “a comedy so hot it’ll melt your fedora” or “bring your bros and babes to see the best movie of the year!”

Once all of that is accomplished, the only thing remaining will be the announcement of a sequel. You and I would be fools to believe this is a one-and-done adaptation, and while Ellin has played the humble card quite well, he essentially told Vanity Fair that if Entourage makes money, we can expect Entourage 2: Let’s Add Vinnie ‘Aquaman’ Chase To The Actual DC Universe For Studio Synergy.

“I took a year. I didn’t know if there was really an appetite for it. But Mark told me, ‘If you write this script, I guarantee I’ll get it made.’ ” Piven—whose character, superagent Ari Gold, spends a lot of his screen time in fits of histrionics—enjoyed the time away. “Your body thinks you’re throwing a temper tantrum for 12 to 14 hours a day,” he says. “It can be a little taxing, so it’s been a very welcome break.”

But the break’s over, and the guys seem open to doing more Entourage movies if this one finds an audience. “I’d do 20 of ‘em,” Ellin says. (Via Vanity Fair)

Twenty more Entourage films? I doubt it. I mean, I’m shocked they got Kevin Dillon for just one film. With that guy’s talent and natural comedy timing and charisma, I have to believe that his calendar is jam-packed.