Get A Deeper Look At ‘Doctor Strange’ And His Training In Ths New Comic-Con Trailer

With San Diego Comic-Con in full swing now there has been a deluge of trailers, hype and even more hype for some of the announcements coming out of the huge convention. One of the most anticipated reveals has been the trailer for Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the eponymous character who was once a brilliant surgeon who was involved in a terrible accident which sends him across the globe in search of a way to regain the use of his hands. Of course, things don’t quite turn out the way that he planned when he meets The Ancient One and starts his training to become a hero.

The new trailer that debuted on Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con shows off some of the rigorous training that Doctor Strange underwent to become the hero that he is at the hands of the Ancient One. The hype surrounding this movie is absolutely palpable, with everything from the costume reveal to new posters being combed over meticulously by fans of the cult-favorite comic, but damn does this look incredible from this trailer alone.

After multiple teases and hints, this trailer finally gives a solid glimpse at everything from Doctor Strange’s costume to his time with The Ancient One and what to expect of the film’s villains.