DreamWorks Bets On ‘Trolls’ To Appreciate In Value With A Newly Announced Sequel

Congratulations! We all have a reprieve until 2020 before the next Justin Timberlake + Max Martin + revived novelty soundtrack smash glues itself to your brain. That’s right, Trolls 2 is on the way.

The Shrek pushers at DreamWorks Animation have granted their take on the Troll doll a sequel. A tidy $339 million worldwide gross seems like enough reason for a studio to keep the money train chugging along and with the announcement of a returning Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, it likely wasn’t a hard sell for a second go-around. April 10, 2020 is the scheduled arrival date.

The return of Trolls makes sense financially, but it also does sort of symbolize the current spot the studio is in. DreamWorks has cranked out an impressive run of high grossing films, but it’s hard to pin down their current flagship characters off the hop. Is it Po from Kung Fu Panda? The Paul Giamatti voiced Chet from Turbo? Pixar and Illumination seem to have had better luck in burning their more recent creations into the general pop culture landscape than Dreamworks lately. This isn’t always a guarantee of fine work, but it’s something that we imagine must weigh on a company that backstroked in DONKEY! merchandise dollars.

What I’m getting at is that now is the time for a Trolls, Troll 2 and Father of the Pride multimedia crossover event. Hope you like hundreds of billions of dollars in ticket revenue, film industry!