An Aspen Ski Resort Offers A ‘Dumb And Dumber’ Vacation Package, With Complimentary Tuxes And Hats


Movie fans love to take deep soaks in their favorite movies, from cosplaying to the forthcoming Star Wars wing of Disneyland and Disney World to the long-running Lebowski Fest (and the in-the-works Caddyshack version of same). Add Dumb and Dumber to the pile. As per Thrillist, a hotel in Aspen is offering a package for fans of the 1994 comedy where, for the low low price of $10,000, you and a significant other (perhaps your stupid friend) can spend a crazy weekend pretending you’re Harry and Lloyd.

The package is more than just a swanky King Deluxe room. It includes private jet transportation to and from the mountain location, lift tickets and skis, a moped rental, spa treatments, and, the coup de grâce, a pair of tuxedos — one orange, the other powder blue — and matching top hats. No word if someone is elected to remove your tongue from the frozen lift pole.

Dumb and Dumber was one of Jim Carrey’s first monster hits, and one of serious award-winning thespians Jeff Daniels’ too-few dalliances with broad comedy, at which he excels. The belated 2014 sequel was roundly seen as a disappointment, but it’s secretly quite good and features one of cinema’s great out-of-nowhere deaths.

(Via Thrillist)