‘Warcraft’ Director Duncan Jones Says He’d Be Into Making A Sequel

Entertainment Editor

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Warcraft became the most successful film adaptation of a video game of all time, although the $160-million film only made roughly $47 million in the U.S. (and over $386 million overseas, proving especially popular in China). The lopsided revenue has led to rumors that a Warcraft sequel may release in theaters overseas but go straight to streaming in the U.S. If that does happen, it’s safe to speculate director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) is still along for the ride.

Jones discussed a potential sequel, fights with the studio, the film’s massive success overseas, the cynicism of American audiences, and more in a frank interview with Thrillist, filled with interesting and honest talk about the difficulty of taking three and a half years to make a studio film set in a fantasy realm. And, yes, he’s still interested in doing the crazy process all over again:

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