Watch All Of The Easter Eggs And Bond Movie References In ‘Spectre’

Daniel Craig may not be done with playing James Bond just yet, but that doesn’t mean Spectre doesn’t feel like one big goodbye tour on behalf of Craig and director Sam Mendes. The fourth installment of the Daniel Craig era is chock full of references to Bond films and villains of the past, and it isn’t even subtle about most of them. Whether it’s Bond driving the classic Aston Martin or the return of the white dinner suit and red carnation, there’s something for everyone.

Of course, the biggest Easter Egg is also the biggest spoiler and the main point of contention with fans of the franchise in regards to this movie, so don’t press play if you don’t want that one major plot twist to be ruined! Of course, even a semi-dedicated Bond fan could have guessed what that “twist” is by now, so it’s likely you can enjoy the video just fine even if you haven’t seen the film. Check out all of the nods to From Russia With LoveDie Another Day, and more before you start fantasizing about what the next Bond adventure will entail.

Maybe a sequence lifted directly from the Goldeneye video game?

(via Mr. Sunday Movies)