All The Easter Eggs And References You Missed In The Trippy ‘Doctor Strange’ Trailer

It’s been a few days since the first official Doctor Strange trailer hit the internet, so everyone should be fully abreast of all the crazy goings-on in two minutes of footage. Doctor Strange isn’t by any means an unknown character, but he’s also not as immediately recognizable as The Hulk or Thor are in the Marvel universe, so the story can be a bit more complex and nuanced than the origin stories those heroes got in their first films. If fans aren’t expecting anything specific about Strange’s introduction to the MCU, then the filmmakers get to be all the much more creative in blowing our minds with his adventures.

We’ve already broken down the trailer piece by piece, but there are always details that can be further parsed and analyzed until everything makes sense about what we are seeing in every single frame. That’s the healthy way to prepare for a movie’s release, right? In any case, there are almost certainly Easter Eggs that aren’t obvious in one quick viewing or to a fan who isn’t knowledgeable on an academic level about Strange. It’s pretty obvious that Rachel McAdams’ character is Night Nurse – or a variation of her – and obviously we know Mads Mikkelson is the villain of the film.

But we don’t know who Mikkelson’s character is nor what he wants for all of his villainous escapades. If you watch closely, there is a scroll in the trailer that sure looks important and valuable to Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo. Mayhaps a clue? It also looks like this unknown villain has the Seal of Vishanti branded or drawn on his forehead, which is the same symbol in the window of the Sanctum Sanctorum. That will almost certainly tie into the film’s main showdown in some way if the speculation is accurate. The movie doesn’t come out until November, and there will be plenty more trailers and promotional materials before then. It’s never too early to start guessing about background details and random symbols though!

(via Tastefully Offensive)

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