Eddie Murphy Does A Pitch Perfect Tracy Morgan Impression On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

09.10.16 2 years ago 7 Comments

Eddie Murphy is earning some high acclaim for his turn in Mr. Church — reportedly putting him in the running for a best supporting actor Oscar nomination — but he showed a leaning towards his more comedic side with his chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday night. Kimmel covered everything, from Murphy’s joke about Bill Cosby at the Mark Twain Prize ceremony, their mutual love of Good Times, and the comedian’s possible return to stand-up.

It was an interview full of highlights, with a standout being Murphy’s nearly perfect Tracey Morgan impression while discussing the former SNL star’s recovery from his horrifying accident. Murphy tells the tale of how Morgan came to his house and he made him Ballpark Franks, only he does it as Tracy Morgan. He also recalls how Morgan told him they called him ‘Fat Murphy’ when he was a kid, so it’s fitting that his impression might be the best you’ll see. It’s up there with Donald Glover and Alec Baldwin, plus it arrives with a nice story too.

That wasn’t all for Murphy’s impressions on the night. He also pulled out one of his brother Charlie Murphy — which he’s done before on a few occasions — and how he pushed him to go to a local bar for Gong Show night to win $25. This is apparently how 15-year-old Murphy entered stand-up comedy and he also teases that rumored return a bit.

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